Boveda Humidity Control for Tobacco & Cigars

Boveda Humidity Control for Tobacco & Cigars

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How it works:

Precise, maintenance-free cigar care with Boveda all comes down to two all-natural ingredients: pure water and natural salts. Combining the two into a saturated solution, we seal it into a packet we refer to as a water-vapour permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane.

This special membrane allows Boveda to provide 2-way humidity control for cigars. Boveda compensates for the atmosphere inside your humidor. Whenever water vapour is needed, Boveda releases the cleanest and most purified humidity. Whenever there’s too much moisture in your humidor, Boveda absorbs the excess.


What is RH? 

RH stands for relative humidity. Selecting the correct relative humidity is very important when caring for your cigars. It can affect the way that cigars taste, burn and light. Our helpful guide below will help you choose from the five different RH levels. 

If you are unsure and need some assistance when picking the right pack you can always contact us by clicking here.


65% RH: Perfect for roll-your-own, pipe tobacco, cigars and herbs.

69% RH: Designed for use in airtight humidors, Boveda acrylic humidors and Boveda storage bags. 

72%: Designed for most wood humidors. Wood humidors dissipate moisture which means it's not unusual for your humidity to be slightly out by 2-5% RH. This pack accounts for this to keep your cigars in perfect condition in the long term.

75%: Designed for glass and non-expensive humidors. This allows the humidor to stay at a consistent 60% RH after taking into account dissipation. These types of humidors aren't always fully airtight along with the various climates which is why it's perfect for this application. 

84%: Seasoning Packs. This pack is specifically catered to brand new or unused humidors. Once you insert the pack it will bring the wood up to the correct RH level for long term storage of cigars. We do not recommend putting any cigars in at this point until you've confirmed with a hygrometer that the RH levels are correct. After you've used this pack you'll need to swap it with a 75%, 72% or 69%.

Although Boveda packs are specified to be a certain RH level please be aware that this can vary based on climate and storage type. This can typically vary by either 1% above or below. We always recommend using a hygrometer for a humidor setting, this isn't required when using a storage bag.

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