Royal Dutch and Al Capone Mini Cigars

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Why are Royal Dutch and Al Capone Cigars so popular?

Ritmeester manufactures some of the best short smokes on the market, in our opinion. These little cigars (also known as cigarillos) are wonderful quick smokes, with a choice of double filter or a sweeter butterscotch-like flavour.

Royal Dutch and Al Capone cigars have a mild overall flavour. These little cigars are one of our favourites since they're excellent for a quick, convenient smokes at a wedding, parties and evenings out. They don't require any cutting, unlike some other cigars, so you can get right to enjoying your smoke.

What are the flavours of Royal Dutch and Al Capone cigars?

For a full-bodied but gentle smoking, these cigarillos are wrapped in a Java leaf. If you want something a little sweeter, try the Al Capone Flame.

Who created Royal Dutch and Al Capone?

Ritmeester's brands Royal Dutch Cigars and Al Capone Cigars have been around for over a century. Jochem van Schuppen and Marinus van Schuppen established their own cigar manufacture in Veenendaal in 1887, which was renamed Ritmeester in 1915. In Germany, the most popular short smokes are Royal Dutch and Al Capone.

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