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In the UK, Elfbar has become the most popular disposable vape. The conveniently shaped bar is pre-loaded with 20mg of nicotine and 2mg of e-liquid, which provides up to 600 puffs. To ensure a consistent airflow and give the perfect draw every time, each bar is shipped with a pre-charged battery and a matched vape coil.

The Elfbar disposable is button-free and doesn't need to be charged or refilled. You only need to draw on the bar to get started!

The airflow will start to slow down as you approach the end of the Elfbar, and the LED at the bottom of the bar will start to flash. Once you reach this point it needs to be disposed of, we advise taking it to the nearest supermarket that accepts dead batteries. This should not be recycled or disposed of in your household rubbish.

Check out the entire selection of Elfbar's 31 flavours above.

Top 5 flavours include:
- Cotton Candy
- Apple Peach
- Strawberry Banana
- Pink Lemonade
- Strawberry Ice Cream

Use the camera on your smartphone or a QR app to scan the unique QR code included on each Elfbar package to confirm its authenticity.

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