Pipe Tobacco - Plug & Twist

Pipe Tobacco - Plug & Twist

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Pipe Tobaaco - Plug & Twist

Historically, plug tobacco (dating back to the 1500s) could be smoked in a pipe or chewed, but today these are two different products. Plug or bar tobacco is designed to fit in a vest pocket and cut off a small piece at a time with a tobacco knife.

Plug or pressed tobacco is made by stacking tobacco leaves, then stored under pressure (cold press) and sometimes set aside for ageing. When finished, the Plug is wrapped with a whole leaf specially selected for appearance and pressed again.

This method delivers extremely dense tobacco square-like bricks with richer and fuller flavours whilst keeping its freshness, offering an experience you can't get with loose tobacco.

Cured Plug is pressed and baked. The longer the bake, the more intense the tobacco becomes. This glossy black bar is favoured by experienced pipe smokers who enjoy a stronger yet cool, satisfying smoke.

Plugs are well known for their solid form and attractive appearance. Some plug blends are topped or cased with an exotic aromatic flavour. With all the tobacco companies buying similar tobacco from similar areas, it's the expertise of the master blender and the composition of the top flavour that form the challenge to create unique recipes. It's not surprising that successful recipes are closely guarded.

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