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Getting Alec Bradley cigars into the market was no easy ride for founder Alan Rubin.   A latecomer to the cigar boom the Alec Bradley brand was founded in 1996 then skyrocketed into one of the leading cigar makers in the world. Now with a string of high ratings from the cigar critics to the company’s credit, their cigars have earned shelf space next to the classics.

When coming up with a name, Alan remembered his father’s word of advice about picking a name that started at the beginning of the alphabet because it would be in the front of the phone book! So Alan decided to name his company Alec Bradley after his two kids.

The company is based in Dania Beach, Florida and sells between two and three million cigars each year! AB’s success is the result of hard work and taking chances. Alec Bradley delivers 90+ rated, premium handmade cigars year after year after year.  Best known among premium cigar smokers for their big flavours and low prices.

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