Age Verification

What is Age Verification?

When you place an order online containing tobacco products we are required to verify that you are 18 years or older. The law applies to all sales of age-restricted products, both in shops and when shopping online.

Age Verification in Just 3 Steps

We've spent a lot of time creating an Age Verification system that's secure and simple to use. Age verification is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Log into Your Account and click the Age Verification tab.
  2. Upload your photo ID, we accept standard formats including JPG, PNG and PDF scans. The maximum file size is 5mb.
  3. We'll automatically get a notification and we'll approve your account - you'll receive an email once complete (usually within the hour!)

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Age Verification Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know when uploading ID

  • Your ID must match the name of the account holder
  • Full name and date of birth must be visible
  • All future orders will be despatched automatically and without delay

What types of ID are accepted?

We accept a range of ID, as long as it contains your date of birth and full name. Government ID issued under the PASS scheme are also valid. You can cover up your personal details (including photo) as long as your full name and date of birth is clearly visible.

Do you accept Credit Card as verification?

We don’t accept credit cards as verification as these can be easily misused by another person, and because some types of credit card can be issued to those who are under 18.

Do you store my personal information?

No. Our systems allow us to view your documents for up to seven days before they are automatically erased. Our systems prevent your documents from being downloaded or saved and are not transmitted insecurely via email.

What if I can't upload ID?

Please give the team a call on 0113 217 7723 who will be happy to help. Please have your order number to hand.

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