Missouri Meerchaum Original Legend Corn Cob Pipe - Straight

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Missouri Original Legend Corn Cob Pipe - Straight **DISC**
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Missouri Meerchaum Original Legend Corn Cob Pipe - Straight
Product Description

Missouri Meerchaum Original Legend Corn Cob Pipe - Straight

The Missouri original legend straight Corn Cob pipes remain popular today because they are inexpensive and require no difficult "break-in" period like briar pipes. For these two reasons, Corn Cob pipes are often recommended as a "beginners pipe", but, their enjoyment is by no means limited to beginners. Missouri Corn Cob pipes are equally valued by both learners, and experienced smokers who simply desire a cool, clean smoke. Pipe smokers who wish to sample a wide variety of different tobaccos and blends also might keep a stock of corncobs on hand to permit them to try new flavours without "carryover" from an already-used pipe.

About this pipe...

Shape - Straight
Stem - Plastic Amber Stem
Mouthpiece - Fishtail
Finish - Natural Corn Cob
Filter - Yes 6mm

The dimensions...

Overall length 147mm
Bowl height 45mm
Smoking chamber diameter 18mm
Weight in grams approx 30g


The Missouri Meerschaum Company is a tobacco smoking pipe manufacturer located in Washington, Missouri. It is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of corncob pipes.

The company was founded in 1869 when Dutch-American woodworker Henry Tibbe began producing corncob pipes and selling them in his shop. Tibbes likened the pipes to meerschaum pipes and thus named them "Missouri Meerschaum." In 1878 Tibbe patented his method of fireproofing the pipes by applying a plaster-like substance to the outside of the cob. In 1883 Tibbe and his son Anton applied for a U.S. Patent to trademark their Missouri Meerschaum pipe. In 1907 H. Tibbe & Son Co. became the Missouri Meerschaum Company.

The Missouri Meerschaum Company's factory currently produces 5,000 pipes per day.

Additional Information
NameMissouri Meerchaum Original Legend Corn Cob Pipe - Straight
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