Nording | Keystones Pipe Filters | 12g Tin


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Nording | Keystones Pipe Filters | 12g Tin | 100% Natural Volcanic Clay

Shorty filter stones are an innovative bowl filter that can be used in any pipe for a dry, cool smoke with no tobacco wasted. These unique high absorbing pellets are made of 100% natural volcanic clay that is found exclusively in the Limfjord region of Denmark.

When using the pellets in a traditional pipe you "lift" the tobacco a few millimeters from the bottom of the pipe bowl avoiding the tobacco blocking the airflow in front of the draw hole. Lifting the tobacco from the bottom of the pipe bowl also helps the pipe smoker keep the pipe lit and at the same time offering the advantage of being able to smoke all the tobacco. All too often the remaining tobacco is usually lost and scraped out together with the ashes when finished smoking.

So not only do they absorb any excess condensation, for a cool smoke, but no wasted tobacco means money saved!

Shorty volcanic filter stones could not be easier to use by simply popping 10 to 15 stones into the pipe bowl and fill with tobacco. Once you have enjoyed your favourite pipe tobacco and allowed your pipe to cool down, empty the ashes and used filter stones from the bowl ready for your next smoke.

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Brands Erik Nording
Pipe Collection Glory Day

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