Mascotte (Rollbox Slim & Extra Slim) Metal Cigarette Roller


Mascotte (Rollbox Slim & Extra Slim) Metal Cigarette Roller

This is a roller and container in one. This classic duo enables you to roll automatically and will make slim and extra slim cigarettes.

About this rolling machine(when closed)...
Length - 90mm
Width - 80mm
Height - 20mm

Hints and tips...

- Open the box and place a filter at the right or left end of the slot, if you want one in your cigarette.

- Spread no more than 1g of loose-leaf tobacco evenly on to the trough that you make in bottom of the blind.

- Place a rolling paper behind the tobacco with the adhesive gum facing you and wet the gum.

- Gently close the machine and the blind will roll your cigarette.

- The finished cigarette will pop out of the top of the box ready for you to enjoy.

If you want something done, do it yourself - roll your own.

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