Mac Baren | Amphora Special Reserve No.2 Pipe Tobacco | 40g Packet


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Mac Baren | Amphora Special Reserve No.2 Pipe Tobacco | 40g Packet

Amphora Special Reserve No. 2 pipe tobacco, by Mac Baren, is a cherry aromatic that incorporates tobaccos from three continents. Select Virginias, Burleys and well-aged Cavendish tobaccos, along with a delicious, juicy, creamy cherry flavour come together to deliver a mouthwatering blend. The skilful manner in which the leaves have been handled, cut to a luxurious ribbon and presented, as well as the lovely cherry flavouring, is on exhibit the moment the packaging is opened. Nose leading the way, you find yourself within the folds and loosening the ribbons by gently rubbing with your fingers. This intensifies the aromas of sweet tobaccos, cherry and caramelised sugars.

Pinch by pinch you fill your pipe bowl and pack the tobacco, taking care not to compress it too much, though the cut of the tobacco ensures ease. Ready to light, you take a few puffs of the unlit pipe to get a taste of cherry pie. Effortlessly it takes the flame and you are rewarded with plumes of fragrant smoke. To begin, the creamy cherry is dominant but progressive draws give more access to the flavours of the base tobaccos. Virginias are mildly citrus-sweet, Burleys impart some nuttiness and the Cavendish tobaccos are fruity. These flavours work in perfect harmony with the cherry, which remains throughout, giving you the pleasure of tasting them as one entity or as component parts. When you finish the bowl of tobacco, the exhausted remains are easy to empty and the pipe is left in great condition; easy to clean.

The Summary...
Mac Baren Amphora Special Reserve No.2 Pipe Tobacco
Contents - Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavouring - Cherry
Cut - Ribbon

Tasting Notes...
Strength - Mild
Flavouring - Medium
Taste - Medium
Room Note - Very Pleasant

More Information
Brands Mac Baren
Tobacco Weight 40g
Tobacco Packaging Packet
Tobacco Cut Mix/Ribbon
Tobacco Nicotine Strength Mild
Tobacco Flavour Strength Medium-Strong
Tobacco Blend Type Danish Aromatic
Tobacco Leaf Type Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
Tobacco Added Flavourings Cherry
Tobacco Tasting Notes Brown-Sugar, Cherry, Citrus, Deep, Earthy, Honey, Molasses, Nutty, Ripe, Sweet

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