Korona | Slim Classic Tubes | 250 Pack


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Korona | Slim Classic Tubes | 250 Pack

Join the make-your-own-cigarette revolution with Korona!

These slim king size tubes are high quality, professional looking empty cigarette tubes that you can use to fill with your favourite tobacco. All you need to get started is a SLIM tubing machine, normal hand-rolling tobacco or volume tobacco, and these tubes. Easy to do, quick and clean, making your own cigarettes can save you a lot of money.

With slim tubes you can also save up to 30% of the tobacco used in regular king size tubes!

If you are new to the world of tubing cigarettes, Korona is a great place to start. Slim tubes offer you a more tidy experience than 'rollies' and cigarettes made with tubes look like shop bought cigarettes fresh out of the pack. Easy to master, you may never go back to prefabricated cigarettes again, especially when you realise the savings you can make with no trade-off on quality.

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