Gawith Hoggarth 50g Tin | Coniston Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco


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Gawith Hoggarth 50g Tin | Coniston Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco

Gawith Hoggarth's Coniston Cut Plug is a true 'Lakeland' tobacco in that it comes with the familiar and comforting aroma of floral spice. Mostly Burley tobacco, a high portion of that being dark fired, with a little Virginia, this blend is bold on nicotine and taste, with nutty and sweet earthy flavours coming through. Not an aromatic per se, more of a slightly sweetened savoury and flavourful mix, much like an appetiser should be. It certainly is mouthwatering in the flavour department.

The dark colour of the cut plug hints at the fortitude of this flake-like textured, rich leaf. To be treated like a flake or broken flake, rubbing out is an enjoyable experience as the texture is slightly firm but soft enough to be workable. The aroma that is given off at this stage is wonderful, clean and inviting. Upon lighting, you're welcomed by smooth, flavourful smoke. You can taste the Burley and the toastiness of the dark fired portion, and you are allowed to taste the Virginia too. The 'Lakeland' flavours are present but far from overwhelming. Although this is a strong tobacco, it shouldn't be overpowering unless you're accustomed to mild blends, in which case a slower pace of smoking is advised.

The Summary...
Gawith Hoggarth Coniston Cut Plug ‘A’ Blend (Aromatic) pipe tobacco
Contents - Burley, Virginia
Flavouring - ‘Lakeland’, Floral
Cut - Broken Flake

Tasting Notes...
Strength - Strong
Flavouring - Medium
Taste - Full
Room Note - Pleasant to Tolerable

More Information
Brands Gawith Hoggarth
Tobacco Weight 50g
Tobacco Packaging Tin
Tobacco Cut Plug
Tobacco Nicotine Strength Strong
Tobacco Flavour Strength Medium-Strong
Tobacco Blend Type Aromatic
Tobacco Leaf Type Virginia, Burley
Tobacco Added Flavourings Floral
Tobacco Tasting Notes Deep, Floral, Grass, Mellow, Nutty, Rich, Rounded, Smoky, Strong, Wood

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