Falcon Plymouth Hunter Briar Pipe Bowl

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Falcon Hunter Plymouth Briar Pipe Bowl

The Falcon Plymouth bowl is the most stylish bowl in the series full of character. The Tapering 21mm bowl has concave contours making it an ideal partner for darker tobaccos whilst giving a lovely grip for your hand.

The deluxe Falcon Hunter bowls are hand turned from a higher-grade briar compared to the standard and classic bowls. Available in the eight original standard shapes, these highly polished bowls are lightly stained to show off their beautiful natural grain.

The bowl is the heart of a good pipe and only the finest Mediterranean briar and Turkish meerschaum is used for all Falcon Bowls. The Unique 4-Start thread on a bowl enables it to be removed from the stem with a quarter turn.

Remember, all falcon bowls are interchangeable with all falcon stems.

About this bowl...

Bowl Material: Briar
Shape: Plymouth
Finish: Smooth
Meerschaum Lining: No
Bowl Height: 31mm
Bowl Width: 40mm
Smoking chamber diameter: 21mm
Smoking chamber diameter with Meerschaum lining: 18mm
Bowl Weight: 21 grams
Bowl weight with Meerschaum lining: 22grams (approx.)

Why Choose A Meerschaum Bowl?...

With the addition of the 4mm Meerschaum lining to your falcon bowl, it will give you the same benefits that's a full Meerschaum pipe delivers. Resulting in one of the coolest, driest smoking pipes on the market.

Meerschaum is the German word meaning sea foam. The geologist knows the light, porous Meerschaum as hydrous magnesium silicate. The pipe smoker knows it as the perfect material for providing a cool, dry, flavorful smoke. The mineral itself is the fossilized shells of tiny sea creatures that fell to the ocean floor over 50 million years ago, there to be covered and compressed over the ages by layer upon layer of silt. Profound movements in the earths crust raised the creamy white stone of Meerschaum above sea level. There, man eventually discovered it and created an incomparable pipe from it. The first record of Meerschaum as a pipe dates from around 1723.

History Of The Falcon Pipe...

American engineer Mr Kenly Bugg, of Fort Wayne, Indiana invents the Falcon Pipe, with its aluminum stem and interchangeable briar bowls. He bases the system on the principle that causes rain to drop from a cloud when it is met by cool air. To achieve this result, Mr Bugg uses aluminum for its lightness and, more importantly, for its quick dispersal of heat. In this manner coolness is obtained. The briar bowl, designed with a four-start thread connected to the aluminum stem, forms a trap in which the 'Humidome' acts as a condenser. This ensures that all the moisture is trapped, thereby leaving the tobacco free from saturation and preventing 'goo' from reaching the mouth of the smoker.

Falcon introduces an entirely new concept to pipe smoking in 1977, the Falcon International Filter Pipe, with detachable mouthpiece for optional filter use.
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Pipe Collection Hunter Bowls
Brand Falcon

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