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Falcon International Straight Pipe Stem

Falcon pipes are best known for there 100s of different stem, bowl & mouthpiece combinations to create your perfect pipe. One of the many benefits to owning a falcon pipe is the fact you can have 2 or 3 interchangeable bowls whilst using only the one stem, which allows you to smoke different tobaccos in different bowls and allows the briar to rest between smokes. The Falcon pipe is easy going on the pocket too but guarantees to deliver a top quality smoke every time.

The Falcon "International" pipe is the newest pipe in the falcon range. Released in 1977 offering a more traditional appearance whilst producing a smoother smoke to its predecessors. The mouthpiece is removable and neatly inside fits a 6mm cotton fiber filter. The same traditional system is still used whereby the smoke is drawn through the hole in the bottom of the bowl, in to the metal "humidome" where moisture collects therefore drying the smoke. The smoke is then cooled as is passes through the lightweight aluminum stem.

The Falcon international is a very sort after pipe being so absorbent whilst producing the coolest and smoothest smoke.

How to order your Falcon "International" Pipe Stem...

Choose from the radio buttons above to select either a standard or dental mouthpiece.

When you order a Falcon "International" pipe stem from smoke-king, you will receive 10 FREE Falcon 6mm filters to get you going.

The History...

American engineer Mr Kenly Bugg, of Fort Wayne, Indiana invents the Falcon Pipe, with its aluminum stem and interchangeable briar bowls. He bases the system on the principle that causes rain to drop from a cloud when it is met by cool air. To achieve this result, Mr Bugg uses aluminum for its lightness and, more importantly, for its quick dispersal of heat. In this manner coolness is obtained. The briar bowl, designed with a four-start thread connected to the aluminum stem, forms a trap in which the 'Humidome' acts as a condenser. This ensures that all the moisture is trapped, thereby leaving the tobacco free from saturation and preventing 'goo' from reaching the mouth of the smoker.

Falcon introduces an entirely new concept to pipe smoking in 1977, the Falcon International Filter Pipe, with detachable mouthpiece for optional filter use.
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