Eriksen Keystone Smooth Filter Pipe


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Eriksen Keystone Smooth Filter Pipe

The Eriksen keystone filter pipe by Erik Nording is a well-engineered combination of a traditional briar pipe bowl and modern hard nylon stem and shank. An O-ring around the bottom of the smooth bowl ensures a perfect fit where briar meets nylon with the draught hole in the center of the bowl and not on the side as on traditional pipes. This construction of the bottom base (shank and stem) combined with the keystones and placement of the draught hole ensures a cool and dry smoke.

This pipe is a keystone filter pipe where the body part of the briar bowl has space for adding the filter stones. Simply place 10 to 15 filter stones pellets into the spiral chamber, mount the briar pipe bowl and fill it with tobacco. After smoking, allow the pipe to cool down, empty the ashes from the pipe bowl and the used keystones from the spiral chamber. Eriksen keystone is a true filter stones pipe and comes with a box of high absorbing volcanic clay pellets that ensure a dry cool smoke.

Being extremely durable, these Eriksen keystone pipes are perfect for anyone who enjoys a bowl full of tobacco in the outdoors.

About this ERIK NORDING pipe...

Shape - Unique 
Stem - Hard Nylon
Mouthpiece - Fishtail 
Finish - Smooth
Filter - Yes, Shorty filter stones

The dimensions...

Overall length - 150mm 
Bowl height - 60mm 
Smoking chamber diameter - 18mm 
Weight in grams - 43g

More Information
Brands Erik Nording
Pipe Collection Eriksen Keystone

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