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Erik Nording | Royal Flush Pipe Joker 03


Erik Nording | Royal Flush Pipe Joker 03

"The Hold’Em Pipes by Erik Nording, when art and functionality come together. The Hold’Em series currently has 6 beautiful shapes and is sorted into five groups, Jack, Queen, King, Ace - and Joker as the highest group. To make each pipe unique, Erik Nording works with many different colours, surfaces, rings and many different mouthpieces.

A great benefit of this pipe series is that all the pipes have interchangeable mouthpieces, but please note you have to swap a 9mm filter mouthpiece with a 9mm filter mouthpiece and a standard mouthpiece with a standard mouthpiece, meaning you will not have to send your pipe in for an expensive repair job in case you break the mouthpiece, but simply request a new one from us and it will fit perfectly. Some of the Hold'Em pipes are made for both standard and for 9mm filter."

The pipe shown in the pictures is the pipe you will hold in your hand.

About this ERIK NORDING pipe...

Shape - Unique
Stem - Marbled Green Acrylic
Mouthpiece - Fishtail
Filter - Yes, 9mm

The dimensions...

Overall length - 154mm
Bowl height - 56mm
Smoking chamber diameter - 20mm
Weight in grams - 63g

More Information
Brands Erik Nording
Pipe Collection Royal Flush

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