Eldritch Briar Pipe | Metal as F**k | Studded Poker


Eldritch Briar Pipe | Metal as F**k | Studded Poker

This Eldritch briar pipe is a sandblasted black poker surrounded by five silver studs and lots of bad attitude. Are you sitting comfortably? This pipe is not for you. Corrupted pipes for Heavy Metal, punk enthusiasts

The question is – are you metal enough to smoke this pipe?

We carefully select all of our Eldritch briar pipes for their distinct personality. We individually photograph each Eldritch pipe, rest assured that the pipe you see is the photo is the pipe you will hold.

About this pipe...

Overall length - 150mm
Bowl height - 60mm
Smoking chamber diameter - 19mm
Weight in grams - 73g
Filter - No

Who makes Eldritch pipes and how does he get his inspiration...

Chris Kelly has been making Eldritch pipes since 2013 and has slowly built up his workshop situated in the heart of Warwickshire. Chris uses Italian briar for the bowls and German ebonite for the stems, though he increasingly uses polyester that he casts himself.

You will always find an Eldritch pipe with a properly drilled chamber and airway, a thin, comfortable mouthpiece with funneled airway and well-fitted tenon.

He says "I enjoy making elegant classic pipes and then corrupting them, but my main inspiration comes from weird fiction by authors such as H. P Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood.
I also make pipes for the Heavy Metal enthusiast and the Punk connoisseur. Indeed, my motto since the beginning has been Handmade pipes for the discerning Cultist, psychopath and social outcast."

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