Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals | 60g Large Tub


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Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals | 60g Large Tub

Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals are designed to help absorb the excess condensation while you smoke.

This results in a mild, cool and dry smoke. To use the Denicool Filter Crystals, simply pour a few crystals into the bowl of the pipe and pack the bowl with tobacco as you would normally. After smoking just empty the whole contents of the pipe. Having the crystals underneath the tobacco helps to ensure there is a clear airflow through the pipe, which in turn ensures that you always get an easy draw. The Denicool crystals also absorb a lot of tar which means you get a cleaner smoke and your pipe is left cleaner afterwards.

Each tub contains 60g of small crystals.
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Brands Denicool
Pipe Collection Glory Day

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