Al Capone Blunt Wraps

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Al Capone Blunt Wraps

Al Capone 100% Tobacco Leaf Wrap

The Al Capone Tobacco Leaf Wrap, made with 100% natural tobacco leaf, features a sticky self-adhesive edge for a smooth, easy, hand-rolling experience. 

The Al Capone Tobacco Leaf Wraps are new, launching in the UK for summer 2022, and are a great alternative to traditional rolling papers or hemp papers. 

What is the Al Capone Leaf Wrap made of?

The Al Capone Leaf Wraps are made of 100% natural tobacco leaves for a smoother, silkier smoke.

What does the Al Capone Leaf Wrap taste like?

The Al Capone leaf wraps are available in three different flavours, check out the Al Capone Twilight Leaf WrapAl Capone Straight Leaf Wrap and the Al Capone Flame Leaf Wrap.

How do you use Al Capone Leaf Wraps?

Use in the same way as your regular rolling papers or hemp papers; the sticky self-adhesive edge keeps your smoke in place for an improved smoking experience.

Al Capone Leaf Wrap Reviews

We've tested the Al Capone Leaf Wrap, and we love it. The premium natural leaf creates an even burn time, and the self-adhesive strip keeps your choice of smoke conveniently in place - no re-rolling!

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